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composite coin

what is composite coin?

The Compositecoin platform brings collectively creative tasks for the actual monetary system and their power investors. Unlike different aggregators, the third and obligatory aspect of the manner are experts, if essential also acting the position of mentors within the pattern of industry innovation projects.

Expertise of tasks is accomplished by way of way of independent mavens in NULL key areas. The manner of the technical professional is to offer an opinion at the clinical and technical prospects of the tasks being drawn up for the ICO. The industry professional examines the commercial element of the project: the market, the venture team, the prospects for commercialization, the monetary model, etc. The sales of every professional relies at the sales of the Compositcoin platform, which motivates them to the most appropriate performance in their work

how it work ?

To an investor
The initiatives proposed for investment had been tested and have an investment evaluate with the aid of means of qualified specialists. This permits to enormously scale back the dangers of the investor while investing capital.
To a brand getting into ICO
The danger of portfolio investment in a couple of initiatives for the chose priority: the degree of development, sectoral focus, etc. This diversification technique makes investing reachable to a extensive vary of investors, including. no longer having a unique training and experience.
To an expert
The platform function combines the imperative provider issue and ease of use. The intuitive format of the platform makes the investment job easy and logical.

Why and should choose composite coin?

1.As a platform for actual industry projects, we ourselves create the same, easy and understandable business.
2.The platform gets a commission for putting every project. This commission is identical to 1% of the cash raised with the aid of means of the ICO undertaking + 2% of the tokens.
3.Before receiving funds for the ICO, the brand new challenge would no longer incur any charges and will concentrate instruments at the pattern of its product.
4.30% of the platform’s revenue is despatched to the holders of the CompositeCoin tokens
5.30% of the revenue is obtained through means of CompositeCoin experts.

Fund distribution

It is placed on the ICO: 70%
Reserved for the project team: 20%
Mentors: 5%
Reserve for the first experts: 3%
Bounty program: 2%

ICO Structure

Cost of the token: CMN 0.5 $ on Pre ICO
Cost of the token: CMN 1$ on ICO
Date of Pre ICO: January 13, 2018 – January 31, 2018

The bonus program for early buyers of tokens is not provided.

Minimum fee: $0.2M
The main goal of ICO: $0.5M
Maximum fee: $1M
Date of ICO: March 1 2017 - March 30, 2017

Minimum fee: $1M
The main goal of ICO: $5M
Maximum fee: $10M

Distribution of collected funds

Development and launch of the platform - 50%
Marketing - 30%
Legal services - 10%
Operating expenses - 10%
Bounty program:2% of the total number of released tokens

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