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what is cryptobank?

CryptoBank is a decentralized global payments system that includes CryptoYuan, CryptoDollar, CryptoEuro, CryptoRuble and another currency, which has already successfully unified professional traders, companies and individuals who want to use cryptocurrency without risk of volatility on 
a single platform. The software is based on Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and the transaction framework is capable of using the latest Blockchain. you can get all the functions from "Digital gold" and many more features with CryptoBank.

what are the advantages of cryptobank?

1. Blockchain Technology
CryptoBank is designed on top of Bitcoin open source code. this can guarantee complete security and transparency in every transaction that has been available thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

2. Currency Stability
CB ticker is used as a function to convert traditional currency in digital assets. Thus, its value is related to various national currencies, which is the US dollar, euro, Chinese yuan, Russian ruble. Relevant assets are CBD, CBE, CBY, CBR.

3. Liquidity
this greatly guarantees a stable exchange rate of CryptoBank tokens the reason is due to the escrow model and the diversification of funds received from the clients in the CryptoBank ticker trade. 1 CBD = 1 USD, 1 CBE = 1 EUR, 1 CBR = 1 RUR, 1 CBY = 1 CNY.

4. Integration
which I know to date CryptoBank has implemented a simple yet effective integration that allows Blockchain CryptoBank to interact with all traditional financial services and institutions, as well as various cryptocurrency exchange platforms and services.

5. Full Transparency
you can view the backup cryptobank at any time. where Distribution of funds is always done under the strict control of the financiers and auditors, which completely overrides inaccuracies. and also, you can check your transactions through BlockExplorer, to audit CryptoBank Blockchain, track total amounts (CBD, CBE, CBR, CBY) from circulated funds.

6. 100% Safety
you should be thankful, thanks to CryptoBank, you can have the opportunity to transfer your currency between various exchanges or wallets, and also transfer to other users or use debit card easily and quickly. a new strategy for cryptocurrency or interbank arbitration, which only you do to keep personal assets. And that's the full turn to overcome a risk of freezing balance and other moments you do not want.

what does cryptobank do for users?

Blockchain For Business
enough to be able to provide services and goods to customers using non-volatile cryptocurrency, without involving traditional financial institutions to minimize all temporary costs and operations. Cryptocurrency availability for each of your clients.

Free market
Now is your chance to use CryptoBank as a more sophisticated and convenient alternative to traditional financial institutions putting or withdrawing funds in certain currencies. do not worry because All assets will be protected while using decentralized technology and blockchain. and again, makes it easier for you to fix a portfolio of investment cryptocurrencies that lack volatility and retain all the benefits.

For Ordinary
you and the Experienced Traders Thanks to CryptoBank, your opportunity to transfer currency between various exchanges or wallets, and also easily and quickly transfer to other users or out with a debit card. You should know that This is a new strategy for cryptocurrency or interbank arbitration, only you as a keeper of personal assets. And that in turn completely overcomes the risk of freezing balance and other unwanted moments.

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