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TransCrypt token TSR

what is TransCrypt token?

TransCrypt is the usual software for all economic operations. With TransCrypt, you can survive
cryptocurrency transactions, obtaining tokens, making transfers in the national currency, and paying them services. There is nothing else to be feared about in terms of foreign money costs - the system automatically convert crucial quantities into foreign money demand. 

Thanks yourself payment gadgets and blockchain Tizer, TransCrypt transactions will be executed out of the blue and free. Today, the market of international cryptocurrency transactions is one of all that is probably a fast-growing global market. The number of daily transactions in 2017 is greater 15 times over the last 12 months and now exceeding 2 billion dollars.

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency should be observed by means of infrastructure patterns
and the market as a whole, thus ensuring a crucial level of provider and quality. until now every operation with cryptocurrency is still too complicated, too slow, and has been used too many intermediaries, in order to increase commission costs. 

This weakness has severely inhibits the disclosure of cryptocurrency and has made it far more comfortable than conventional banking. TransCrypt sees its main challenge as it should take this chasm and create a cryptocurrency operation as easy and fast as the movement of national currency. 
TransCrypt offers customers a convenient program to operate with crypto and national currencies, and can grow solutions for a company that will allow traders to complete any form of foreign money without worrying about how this will have an effect on their stability sheet. In this way, TransCrypt will allow a huge expansion limits on the use of cryptocurrency. This will make its use normal and can grow its popularity.

TransCrypt is a single ecosystem that unifies all aspects of economic fund transfer.

Why should you choose TransCrypt token?

 With TransCrypt you can:
• make transfers and bills in crypto- and nationwide currencies;
• make purchases on the net and in stores, take care of your wallets and bills in various currencies;
• make investments in cryptocurrencies, virtual assets, and stocks;
• order a card or use contactless NFC bills with a smartphone;
• request and ship funds inside the chat window of your favourite messenger, as merely as sending a message;
• cease worrying in regards to the foreign money of request, the machine will convert the wallet’s currency into the foreign money of request inside seconds.

Unlike many different projects, we've a operating platform and a shopper that might be accessible for closed testing on the finish of the primary quarter of 2018. The public beta model might be launched throughout the second quarter of 2018. 

advantages of TransCrypt token:
• With the TransCrypt app, you don't have got to spend weeks to determine out how issues work;
TransCrypt combines greatest practices from monetary markets;
• You don't have got to have hundreds of thousands to purchase tokens or stocks. in case you happen to desire to spend $ a hundred for them;
• in case you happen to desire to make a fee in cryptocurrency, simply set up TransCrypt and soar doing it. 

TransCrypt will supply a platform that opens cryptocurrency operations to the mass market and can take cryptocurrency from being probably essentially the foremost proper software at the market to develop into probably essentially the foremost extensively used software on market.

TransCrypt’s important purposes and benefits will be:
• multicurrency wallet;
• multicurrency Tizer blockchain;
• quick crypto- and nationwide foreign money transactions, adding from the chat screen;
• integration with accepted messengers;
• distinctive IBAN bills for each person (both for folks and businesses);
• acquire and sale of cryptocurrencies;
• bills at any place from a linked plastic or digital TransCrypt card:
• daily card or NFC cellphone bills in outlets and restaurants;
• instantaneous cross-border fiat transactions;
• investments in cryptocurrencies or digital assets;
• substitute orders for knowledgeable traders;
• B2B bills and POS systems.

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