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DarcMatter Coin


well for the first time in my article this time i will explain how about DARCMATTER COIN (DMC)

  • DarcMatter is developing a distributed ledger blockchain which is to remove the opacity and inefficiency of the global alternative investment industry.

  • DarcMatter Coin (DMC) is a utility token that will be used by fund managers and investors in smart contracts and investment management processes, will also be utilized to access the due diligence, KYC and AML details.

  • DMC will use for blockchain already allowed, and will use a system that has been running natively in NEM blockchain.

Global TopPlatform

ok i will track how global topPlatform here, DarcMatter is a global platform that I know is fully operational, which convince investors all over the world to access alternative fund asset class in transparent and safe for you. what I know Highlights for DarcMatter include:
• Global Award: Given as Top FinTech's platform is over 4 countries
• Worldwide Investor Reach: 1300 investors (institutions, advisors and individuals) take advantage of the platform as a source of new investment opportunities
• Broad Global Access: 150+ Funds on platforms that I know are more than $ 10 billion in totalAUM
• The Global-Minded Team: The awarded team and top-caliber andadvisors investors


Meanwhile, in the past, there was an industry focused on a negative financial industry, which I know consisted of reserve funds, private equity funds and reserve funds, it was the last chance for the public to become one of the most important classes in the world. The alternative investment that is there in real terms is defined as something that does not exist in the international mind, whether cash, equity or bonds. therefore the term is used to cover exotic assets such as luxury goods, art, wine etc. from this I read, the most widely used and sought from the beginning has become a class alternative fund assets.


then how about transactions based on what I've read All costs associated with transactions using DMC will be paid to DM, the parent company. when the settlement of each item delivery transaction concerning Singularity Node (seebelow) performs the transfer of information and the rest must be given to DM in return for certain functions.
as I know the DMC will be used to lock and refine smart contracts for investment completion in DM Decentralized Infrastructure. that is, with the adoption of the ancient system, the DMC will create enormous efficiency and scalability for the industry.
below is the illustration I know


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