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Triwer Token

about triwer token

in my article this time i will discuss a little about how to triwer token Triwer is here built to meet the demands of modern e-commerce businesses and consumers who expect a personalized, seamless, fast, affordable, and secure delivery of their online purchasing process. in addition Triwer also discusses the current inefficiency and congestion in Courier Express Parcel Market (CEPM), where the triwer allows logistics and courier companies to use reserve capacity better.

This Triwer application that I know to empower buyers and online businesses to control all their shipping needs and achieve the best possible co-operation through an internal price comparison machine. that online shoppers can personalize their profiles with shipping preferences and bring these settings to multiple online stores for setting up their purchases at convenient times and locations for them equipped with real-time, last mile tracking features.

then I know that Decentralized Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, and Token Triwer, TRW, are the core of Triwer's delivery management platform, and the impact of benefits to consumers and shippers coming from transparent agreements for instantaneous payments.

here's how the triwer works

1.On demand delivery & with real-time last mile tracking
which I know of Triwer most likely anyone who has a smartphone or tablet to run the sender's needs, you can send anything you need, anywhere and when you need it.

2.Security and transparency using blockchain and smart contracts
which I know the Triwer Delivery will be listed on Ethereum Blockchain with smart contracts for full transparency and decentralized security.

3.Vision, growth, e-commerce, and rapid expansion
I know his mission is clear; elected and favored as a SME e-commerce business and its customers in Europe by 2019 and the first mass-market delivery service in the region.

4.The driver is definitely professional experience and trouble free
you need not worry Triwer uses the backup capacity of experienced and professional driver resources already operating in the market. Every shipment and delivery made through Triwer is 100% insured.

5.Professional and reviewed by colleagues
here you also need not worry Business business plans, models and white papers Triwer has been reviewed by legal counsel, along with industry and blockchain experts. who was appointed as an auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

6.Make environmental impact and reduce CO2
as I know Integration is full of PickPack for paperless delivery. Triwer's logistics efficiency will reduce travel, and Triwer is also dedicated to using and investing in low-emission transport technologies.

triwer advantages over traditional CEP solutions

1.anda as the sender has greater control over the product for delivery
2.a wide range of competitive and exact price logistics offerings
3.improve the efficiency and allocation of resources
4.CRM, customer preference and personalization
5.One-click registration of goods, transportation and pick up
6.Responsibility is greatly improved, as it is a safer transmission and less loss complete with Direct Tracking, GPS, and direct remote communication
8.Responsible Shipping 100% through an insurance partner
9.7 days a week phone and live chat customer support
10. Paperless system using PickPack TM which is very environment friendly

Here is why you should follow the triwer

I understand that you as an investor have a lot of investment opportunities, I will tell you why trusting a triwer is a great idea!
  • I know that Triwer is an existing company with a functioning product
  • Commercial application of TRW token utility
  • Operating in a growing market driven by e-commerce
  • Focus on customers with clear supplier and partner benefits
  • Aggressive business development to support token retrieval
  • The business model is legal and peer review
  • which in the form of General Data Protection Rules in accordance *
  • the goal is to reduce environmental emissions

speculation token

Soft Cap: $ 5MM Hard Cap: $ 25MM
Token Symbol: TRW - ERC20
Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
Available during token sale: 375,000,000
Type of payment received: ETH, BTC & US Dollar / EURO

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