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now I will write a little about ARBITAO from what I have read ARBITAO there is an interesting announcement for you to make a: know that the arbitrage Trading will be available earlier than expected, very interesting for you right.

other than that did you know ARBITAO has started July 22, 2018, you will be able to invest an ATAO coin you to one of the arbitrage trading pool, so what are you waiting for?

as far as I am concerned that the arbitrage trading pool started as planned as ICO, and when the soft-stamp has been reached. one of the reasons behind this is, it is necessary to raise a lot of funds for different exchanges, therefore the capital which is instantly reserved for trading, when the arbitrage opportunity is seen.

you should be grateful because Luckily ARBITAO finds another way to access your required capital and investors from its beta phase so you are very satisfied with the prototype, that they want to stay with it for a profit-making desire.

ARBITAO works in the following winning opportunity situation, this is for you as well as new investors:
when the pre-sale round has ended, the fully working and tested prototype will open the trade pool to the public. you and all users with an ATAO balance will be able to join the trading pool and can start to benefit from fully automated arbitrage trading, an opportunity for you right.

then when ICO is done, there will be a transition phase, in which all the trading pool will be moved to the new system. however, this will happen in the background and no action is required from you as a user. The only real effect will occur that higher average profit per trade can be expected, as more liquidity will be available.

You can also invest the ATAO coins acquired as part of the gift. you have the opportunity to follow it as the reward program is still ongoing. If you have not seen it yet, look at various ways to get ATAO coin prizes you can register with facebook, twitter, conten, blog, telegram and more. you can get here:

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