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Cryptov8- Bringing banking to blockchain

on this articel I will explain a little about Cryptov8 who founded a bank in which this bank is authorized and regulated with global appeal. among which are fragmented crypto Landscape, lots of purses, payment gateway a little, exchange monopolize the success of a particular currency. from what I know Users crypto 25 m now have to pass a lot barriers to getting the asset of his choice, many transaction payment processing process along the way. about 300m and 500m people overall interested to join the Crypto community, but broad the adoption of digital currencies in real world usage cases blocked by many underlying problems. the purpose of Cryptov8 provides a barrier-free method, obtain / use cryptocurrency in all markets. Technology and digital platform assets will add adoption and use cryptocurrency as a whole. ie As an entity to be authorized in the UK, who will use bank rules and security systems as a benchmark for all Cryptobanking Services.

Cryptov8 support there are eight areas of assets which I read, designed for tackle the following challenges:

• minimize the barriers to participating by giving the rank of the bank, providing a safe place for customers to store their entire crypto portfolio.
• educating and learning for users in digital complexity currency, leading it to make decisions.
• provide access equipment for easy entry into exchange by providing a mechanism for the conversion of fiat into crypto.
• support for the use of cryptocurrency with merchant penyediyaan, payment gateway that supports crypto spending.
• the payment of preferential payments, rewards and withdrawals foreign exchange rates that do not penalize users.
• lending encouragement for the balance of crypto and giving holders a potential asset income.
• providing additional value-added services through strategic enhancement partnerships with other organizations and access providers to services through distributed ledger technology.
• customer support with the help of cognitive learning a help for they receive answers and facilitate complicated ones transaction.
• a safe and valid place provider for arrangements movement, purchase or demand balance.

you should know the vision behind Cryptov8

from what I read The team at Cryptov8 starts with a vision of creating a difference in the financial services market with the launch of UK Bank challengers. The first step is the submission of a request and income of the British Consumer Credit License, granted in August 2016. which will be done and the need for a full-scale retail banking license, Consumer Credit The license has been released as part of the project. the emergence of Blockchain, the team already knew that the team could make use of this revolutionary technology to increase customer crypto proposition and cost reduction for customer crypto. In end of 2017, the team began to think of crypto banking initiatives for completeness of the project of the traditional banks and these two streams and now the formation of a framework for all Cryptov8 proposition.

thus, before taking the process to get the full banking license and banking development blockchain propositions including new customers and asset classes cryptocurrency, Cryptov8 implement a comprehensive and in depth market analysis of needs and points of pain from customer crypto. of the past 20 months, lastly, the project team has done the planning new bank. the process of researching the vast market has been completed, prospective management involved and providing services as well professional advisors are identified. During the planning phase Cryptov8 is done as a whole against practical analysis, which involves opening as many accounts as possible financial institutions.

you must know the benefits for the token holder

from what I read Some benefits for those of you who hold CRV8 tokens are outlined below. this list is incomplete but gives you an indication of how token will be used and to motivate, reward you for participating in the market and holding tokens. please refer to below:

• a bonus for you cryptocurrency account holders, go up reaches 25% of the cost of cryptocurrency and will be used for this.
• Preferential payment processing fee for cryptocurrency transfer
• A very easy and fast movement for you between cryptocurrency - "atomic swaps "
• Foreign currency exchange rates are very attractive to cryptocurrency transactions
• Interest Savings Account is also special
• Cost savings
• Access to educational materials and cryptocurrency discounts to formal courses from well-known industries and specialists which provides education
• Future potential conversion to dividend token (likely to token airdrops or token buybacks), obedient to the meeting the applicable terms and regulations are also profitable business for the current conditions

The following is ICO information

from what I read below I will write down information about the journey of ICO:
1.) Sales of tokens that begin with the Whitelist process for the measurement of requests and enrollments to participate. all Whitelist participants will given 24 hours for token purchase.
2.) as many as one billion tokens will be printed with 75% / 750 million provided for public sale.
3.) Determination of Soft Cap at 15,625 Ethereum and Hard Cap is 156.250 Ethereum. Hard Cap can depend on how many people on the White List and prevailing market conditions.
4.) CRV8 tokens will provide discounts to bank customers activities related to cryptocurrency and traditional banking services used to support activity in the cryptocurrency market. for customers For example, can use their token to offset costs related to the transfer of funds to fiat gateways such as Coinbase which require SEPA payment and usually withdraw fees.
5.) The remaining 25% of tokens will be allocated on basis as follows. 10% for reserves to maintain liquidity, 10% for launch and operational team, 2% for advisors and 3% to support bounty campaign.
6.) The Pre-ICO event will run for one week with a 33% bonus awarded to each participant at that stage.
7.) The main ICO will run for two months in which the bonus will be given on a sliding scale during the ICO period:
• Period 1 - 20% bonus.
• Period 2 - 15% bonus.
• Period 3 - 10% bonus.
• Period 4 and up to ICO - 5% bonus.
8.) Adjustable Distribution - Reserve 10% for liquidity estimated at about 100 million tokens. ICO is subscribing to expectations of some of the 100 million token and may be eligible to be released for use to ensure the number of subscribers have the opportunity to participate.
9.) Further Token issues - nothing is planned at this time.
10.) Method of buying Token - especially Ethereum contribution through the wallet. The contribution of Bitcoin and fiat currencies will also be accepted, but will be handled manually.
11.) Activation Token - token will be distributed to contributors payout wallet and activated after ICO is complete.

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