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CURAIZON - Improving Healthcare, Reducing Costs, Saving lives!

you should know what Curaizon is

in this article I will explain a little bit about Curaizon ™ is a UK based company that has been developing CuraServe ™, solutons for increased adherence to drugs and provide benefits that turn the game into a patent and provide health services. Soluton works with patents, family and health care providers to ensure that patents take their medicines which are determined by a series of outreach tools, its support by prediction modeling tools and behavioral analysis, to increase the rate medication compliance. Because CuraServe ™ solutons help patents, it also generates a large number of patents data which is then anonymized and supplied via the CuraData ™ plator. Companies, academics and non-profess can access this data by purchasing CuraTokens ™.

Curaizon ™ is unique because CuraServe ™ solutons generate information that drives value platorm CuraData ™. not just looking for other ways of storing, sharing, or mining data. Curaizon Data is the first spotlight on real patent behavior and compliance. from collaboration with research insttutons, national health services and biotechnology companies, Curaizon will create one of the strongest and most valuable source of data in health care. Curaizon will be the center of excellence in community health care and pharmaceutical industries. Curaizon data and analytes will deliver health in a final way and the pharmaceutical industry they are seeking to produce a patent needs to change. 

Curaizon's value-based approach to data exchange and analysis is simple, accessible, yet valuable revolutonise the health landscape. Utilizing Curaizon contracts by providing health services, Curaizon can be easily building a mutually beneficial stakeholder ecosystem in the value chain. Health care is changing forever and Curaizon ™ stands on the cutting edge of this transformaton.

you should know the advantages of Curaizon

from what I've read Curaizon can solve real-world problems enormously by helping patients to take their medicine the right way Every day, many people fail to take the prescribed medication and the personal finances and financial funds generated are staggering . Worldwide, noncompliance generates $ 700 billion in medical costs that can be avoided.
1.The data has been made unique and has tremendous value for pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and governments.
2.when a patient uses CuraServe technology, Curaizon data grows in utility and value.
3.national health services. As part of the solution, Curaizon collects full anonymous data about how and when patients take the drug.
4.CuraTokens ™ is the only way to access the data. Tokens can be swapped for data access, which will develop medical research, decrease health care costs and save lives.
5.The value of CuraToken ™ is based on real solutions to real problems.

you must know the benefits to the token holder

here I am going to write a little about token holder profits :

1.CuraTokens ™ is the only way to access Curaizon ™ technology.
2.for all CuraToken ™ holders to access data using predictive analytics, AI, and large data in the fight against drug non-compliance.
3.CuraTokens ™ provides real-time analysis of patient behavior and compliance.
4.CuraTokens ™ lets you blockchain technology to manage authentication, confidentiality and accountability by enabling individuals to control their data, providing protection, security and compliance with all required regulations, including GDPR.
5.CuraTokens ™ facilitates partnerships with medical and pharmaceutical organizations from the token reward system.
6.for all CuraToken ™ holders know that they save lives almost all over the world with the help of resolving drug non-compliance issues.
Token will be received by the token holder after the completion of the current token sale with the following distribution:

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