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you should know what is an electrominer

from what I read Electrominer is a standalone Mining Platform where you as a user hire hashing capacity to mine various coins / algorithms. The mining facility will be powered by our own solar power station.

in addition Electrominer is now the process of developing innovative advanced cryptocurrency mining platform fueled by a portable, solar-powered data center unit in Southern California. Electrominer stands for the loss of a myriad of technical problems in today's mining world confronts and provides long-term solutions to cost-free and energy-intensive crypto methods mining.

Electrominer revolutionized the mining industry by using clean energy for its strength defenses mining platform. achieved fully with the development of the field of state-of-the-art solar panel for primary energy sources, for mining equipment, as well as from other locally available green sources energy one of them geothermal energy and wind. you as the token holder are granted access to divide in the overall computing capacity of the mining platform based on the number of their Electrominer tokens (ELMs) survive together with their membership to the Cloud Mining Electrominer Web Platform. the number the available computing capacity per token will grow proportionally to adjust the amount its sustainable hashing facility is growing. you as Crypto Miner will not be repeated again to step down a fairly expensive electric bill or an investment in special mining equipment with the power of hashing will never increase, just inevitably have to become obsolete. among the main goals of Electrominer is for the creation of an online community for you miners around the world and to share the benefits of being sufficient mining platform.

how comfortable you are from electrominer

here I will write some of my knowledge

Cloud Mining Electrominer Platform is a Web Portal where you can hire Hashing Power for various algorithms, track the status of the mining process, and it's great that you can get support from the Electrominer team. This platform is simple for you as a new and efficient user for the experienced.

this second from the one I read The Mobile Data Center Electrominer unit is placed in the shipping container, you do not have to worry because it allows high mobility for your convenience of transportation.

then the third Electrominer process builds its own solar power station, great is not it. as well as to reduce electricity costs and reduce the negative environmental impact of cryptomining.

besides that here you can follow CLOUD MINING PLATFORM

here I will write one by one from what I read about cloud mining
which I will explain first that Guaranteed high profit from the mining process due to low rental costs sesui for you who like to mine
then the second I know that the term as much and flexible ordering your odds to mine coins on various algorithms do not hesitate to mine
the third is Solar energy helps it reduce electricity usage and your costs as a user to lease mining equipment
then the third The unused hashing capacity will be distributed among you as an active platform user.

which I know Using Electrominer Cloud Mining Platform will be a cool experience. Mining process is also simplified and you can do with the help of the following are the steps:
1. by buying Token
Electrominer holding Tokens (ELM) is a requirement for the mining platform, you have to maintain a balance in a purse Token Electrominer Ethereumnya verified
2. Membership Status of Purchase.
To start mining order placement, you will be required to purchase an annual membership subscription Electrominer of 1% of the total ELM already owned by you and all the members.
3. Refill your Mining Balance
To lease the hashing capacity, you need some crypto-funds on its mining balance.
4. Select Your Coins
you will be provided with a variety of coins already provided for mining. For your convenience, the team will do it prepare useful data for every coin you can mine, including general information about various coins (technical specifications, website links / announcements / explorers) and calculate forecast earnings by hours, days, and weeks.

speculation token 

Total number of tokens: 100,000,000
Token Price: 1 ELM = $0.7142 
Bounty Pool: 500,000 Tokens
Bounty Campaign Duration: 12 weeks (July 20th 2018 – October 12th 2018)

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