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do you know what is Fanchain?

on this blog I will write a little about Fanchain (FANZ). initially you would wonder what is Fanchain? well, from what i read SportsCastr, supported by legends and sports powers that include NBA Emeritus Commissioner David Stern, Tough NFL Final Vernon Davis, NCAA Trainer Jim Boeheim and others, the goal is to release FanChain cryptocurrency and a decentralized sports entertainment ecosystem to meet the unique needs of the sports market global. the unique Token FanChain is ERC20-compliant while utilizing the characteristics of ERC-721-style. This innovation allows team-affinity to be embedded in individual tokens when used in the FanChain ecosystem, while also maintaining its fungibility in the cryptocurrency landscape and extending again. did you know that SportsCastr is the initial platform that supports FanChain, but decentralized architecture allows third parties (like teams, leagues and sports media) to join and grow FanChain ecosystem.

Do you know the uniqueness of FanChain?

here's what I know, FanChain already provides a framework for you, where fans are rewarded with tokens that you can use in sports the ecosystems in which you contribute, and make feedback that gives incentives to the community to contribute social conversations you rely on for an optimal sporting experience. in addition, FanChain introduced a concept "Mint," where the concept is supported by DApp and which enables third party entities to distribute FanChain tokens that are already branded with a particular sports team, league or event.

FanChain fits the interests of all stakeholders including fans, leagues, and the media in several key areas as below:
Fans get FanChain tokens to share news stories, and also comment and participate in social conversations your favorite team (s). you as a Fan can use your FanChain token to buy an item, receive a gift, and access content from, for example, leagues, teams, and media platforms.
Teams and leagues can offer gifts and access to you as your fans are deeply involved with the target holders, any machine token that is exemplified by the team, and can receive FanChain token for merchandise or access.
Online publishers, OTT platforms and social networks can distribute FanChain tokens for participation encouragement and user-generated content ("UGC") which can improve viewership, revenue, and adoption.

you must know what is different from Fanchain

from what I read Token FanChain based on the ERC20 standard but also adopted the ERC721 feature- when they were distributed or already received in the FanChain ecosystem (including a wallet that adds support for DApp.)

this has a resemblance to the concept of "colored coins", FanChain tokens are syntheses of non-exchangeable token tokens.

Although the FanChain token fully complies with ERC20, its application allows the ERC20 specification to be useful for additional information to be stored on a per-address basis. This additional metadata contains details balance of token addresses by team, league, or event. FanChain Tokens can be transferred and monitored by ERC20 compatible wallets that are not worried additional metadata ("stamps"), but additional data related to each stamped token (e.g. team or league description) can be seen in the FanChain awareness system.

Storing metadata-cap at the address level, as opposed to a token level (as in the case of ERC721), strengthens to improve functionality. These include the following:

1. Divisibility: Unlike the token ERC721-tokens, FanChain tokens can be removed to allow fine-grain and micro transactions. FanChain Tokens can be transferred and stored as fractions of tokens, not just in total number of tokens.
2. Lower Gas Price: Transfer between addresses does not need transactions per token, but can be executed using simple group operations, low cost (even when transferring team, league, or event-specific tokens).

can significantly reduce gas consumption when using DApp FanChain. consequently, the transaction alone consumes a little more Gas than the basic ERC20 operation, especially when compared to the bulk ERC721 transfer.

Meanwhile FanChain token has an irreplaceable aspect, essentially they are token (ERC20). This functionality strengthen for existing systems to benefitKey FanChain tokens do not need to pay attention to stamps. now private sale is in progress, you can follow it here you can use ETH, BTC, QASH AND BCH to invest, do not forget to fill your identity here good luck and success.

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