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In this article, I will explain a bit about Neluns, Neluns, an innovative financial economy, joining banks that work with fiat and cryptocurrency, as well as currency exchange and insurance companies, making the best money to develop the cryptocurrency market, the entryway. new and also capital.

You should know about the mission of Neluns

Well, the first thing I will explain is about the Mission of Neluns that creates an innovative financial ecosystem, uniting into its own bank, which runs with fiat and cryptocurrency, a cryptocurrency exchange as well as an insurance office, therefore creating a situation for the growing market value of cryptocurrency as well new inflow and new capital.

What will be available to users in the Neluns ecosystem:
• the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency are just a few clicks away.
• the leadership of cryptocurrency transactions started on the exchange.
• depositing and also withdrawing funds through the system is quite a few clicks through all sides of
• IBAN account opening - personal account as well as multicurrency office
• the discharge of Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit and credit cards
• direct shipping as well as international money transfer receipts
• storage of assets to Neluns deposits in fiat currency and cryptocurrency
• Neluns loan receipts to fiat and also cryptocurrency
• profit receipts, through the lending of assets from the Peer-to-Peer Loan Platform (P2P)
• ensuring in every trading transaction
• Take your profits through NLS token trading transactions on the cryptocurrency exchange
• dividend receipts
• Active traders can develop profits and also reduce risk levels

With the appearance of Neluns will help in:
• increased interest in crypto assets for investment objects.
• the growing use of cryptocurrency for payment materials.
• increase the trader cryptocurrency.
• The process of Entry of new capital into cryptomarket.

Offers Neluns to users of many traditional banking services, its purpose as a fire extinguisher financial needs through personal and corporate objectives. While at that time, manufacture operations that have been provided with paper currency and cryptocurrency. IBAN Multicurrency Account and also the wallet will make it easier for clients who aim to perform exchange operations just a few clicks.

the guardian of the principle of "Bank Guarantee" allows the creation of new qualities trading cryptocurrency. The combination of these principles is innovative technology makes the best conditions for traders and funds cryptocurrency.

The Neluns mobile app for iOS and Android creates banking and commerce operations can be accessed at any time around the world.

Did you know that Neluns provides Mobile apps for iOS and Android

The app for iOS and Android makes it easy for transfers, onsite operations, acceptance and lending in fiat and cryptocurrency (p2p-crediting) is two just click. This iOS and Android app can make it easy for you to work on all existing trading operations within the Neluns ecosystem: please buy and sell cryptocurrency on Neluns Exchange enough one click only, please make interest can receive deposit in Neluns Bank, please accept loan through Neluns Bank, giving or receiving loan on P2P platform, doing transaction worldwide enough with a matter of seconds. Here is a video about the iOS and Android app performance.

You should know about how Neluns Exchange is

The Neluns Exchange is striving to become a global currency trading cryptocurrency and creating itself for the defence of new and complex banking architecture, which does not experience the lack of available systems. Neluns makes innovations solution, removing the weak from cryptocurrency trades that are already available.
The following is an interesting part of Neluns exchange:

  • purchasing and also selling cryptocurrency is just two clicks, trade crypto for fiat.
  • The principle of "Bank Guarantee". attracting capital with ease, fast transactions high enough.
  • sheltered from cyber attacks
  • Functionalities are many when the peak weight
  • effective user support service API as Function, TAKION, MetaTrader, Metastock, ROX, and others

Do you know the advantages of Neluns

For active cryptocurrency trading users The broad spectrum of banking products.
From the birth of Neluns, the possibility of trading users cryptocurrency can grow significantly. One of them can find the optimal solution among a wide spectrum of banking products. for example, long-term investors can extract bonus profits to account where deposits, traders and crypto funds can develop its ability is due to access to the lending tool. The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Platform access has been opened to a cryptocurrency loan to every individual. The escrow system will increase ICO investment at the security level, the result is a growing investor confidence, therefore, volume
funds are drawn.
consider the following summary:
  • Any who has a token will get bonuses and bonus discounts when using the platform.
  • Release only when ICO, additional token emissions that are not planned.
  • Simplicity Conversion with interest rates is very attractive and guaranteed liquidity of NLS tokens after being applied to the trading of large cryptocurrency currencies such as Bittrex, Huobi, OK-EX, HitBTC, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Binance, YoBit.
  • The NLS token price growth is in line with the growth of the Neluns eco-system capitalization, which will allow token owners to receive additional profits.
  • Immediate Pricing One token NLS $ 1,200 when in 2021. in April 2020, the Neluns Blockchain Ecosystem plans to procure IPOs in New York Securities trading.
  • profits from 50% of the Neluns ecosystem are distributed quarterly to each token owner based on the quantity of tokens they have.

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