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trade pharma network


according to what I read from Trading Pharma Network is a EU-licensed brokerage platform and an international pharmaceutical-centric market of choice for buyers & sellers doing routine transactions from pharmaceuticals. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform is driven using a robust AI algorithm for efficient & digital search of a blend of key stakeholders, as well as the future imaginable that every physical medicine has a digital history, allowing you to track and verify its origin, attributes and ownership to counter eff iciently fake drugs like in Europe & the World. Thus, a business model that relies on the following three main principles I will write down:
  • the first I read The basic technology built on private, public, and hybrid Blockchain networks that brings transparency to this multi-billion industry. Trade Pharma Network through cutting-edge decentralized applications that allow you to disrupt the industry's beliefs its purpose is to change the world for the better through a large ledger technology distributed unconstrained by unlimited input from outside its network.
  • the latter uses an AI-driven technology consisting of powerful algorithms that require state-of-the-art Mach Learning Tech ique and a good dataset compared to the more traditional Machine Learning algorithms today. This AI technology allows programmatic targeting and digital matchmaking between supply & demand, with a personal touch.
  • then the third one is the main Service dedicated to pharmaceutical trading and this platform is connected with, importers & distributor distributors, drug makers, wholesalers, hospitals & pharmacists, non-profit and corporate partners in Europe and even around the world. Online transactions between all parties are made simple and efficient.
did you know that Trade Pharma Network helps pharmaceutical & healthcare business to trade drugs & safe & efficient to build transparency & trust inherent in process in supply chain & goods to prevent counterfeiting of drugs. the following are in the aids by Trade Pharma Network:
  • WHOLESALE & DISTRIBUTOR DRUG (EUROPE & WORLDWIDE) you can grow your business by competing on the things that matter. the team supports high quality authentic products made with attention to your customers.
  • DRUG IMPORTERS & DISTRIBUTORS (european only) engage your customers or suppliers with collaborative collaborative real-time information & data from key stakeholders throughout the supply chain.
  • HOSPITAL & DISPENSING PHARMACEUTICAL (EUROPE & WHOLE WORLD) The Trade Pharma Network platform supports high quality authentic products made with care for your patients.
  • DRUG MAKERS (EUROPE & WHOLE WORLD) Business designed to give you the primacy with your customers to be more proactive from an export & import perspective.
  • NON-BENEFITS (EUROPE & WHOLE WORLD) Business is also designed to give nonprofit organizations creative virtues for charity & philanthropic work based on medicine.
  • BUSINESS PARTNERS (EUROPE & WHOLE WORLD) the question is Are you trying to strengthen your work with AI & Blockchain driven solutions, strategic partnership is the core of the plan to grow.

The following is the mission of trade pharma

1.) The trade pharma team believes that innovation & creativity in drug trafficking and pharmaceutical services can make a difference to all, the goal of creating a trusted and innovative pharmaceutical-centric market that allows pharmaceutical & health care professionals to trade and use efficiently a full suite of services , for a patient's best interests. And also for tomorrow's preparation with different vision based on the latest technology such as AI, Blockchain, 3D printing, and IoT.
2.) then its mission is Business designed to provide creative importers & distributors, drugmakers, wholesalers, hospital pharmacies, pharmacies, non-profits, and corporate partners with an advantage over their customers or suppliers. trade pharma also helps them reduce the complexity and cost of trading transaction process, ensuring that all these activities occur in an environment of trust and artificial intelligence. The team always made sure everything went smoothly and everyone was satisfied.

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