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TriipMiles/TIIM Token

what is TriipMiles?

here I will explain a bit about what triipmiles are, from what I read Triip is the first platform of its journey that allows travelers to seamlessly book 1,900,345 hotel rooms in 227 countries and 6,000 authentic local experiences ("triips") in 100 countries. not only that, the best price in the world for hotel (intermediary partnership, the triip is the first to give back all commissions through the intermediary cryptocurrency.

you as a Travelers can book rooms on its platform in 227 countries, check in, enjoy unique tours offered locally, and receive money back via BTC / ETH / TriipMiles.

now, the triip has been able to compete with the giant OTA on price and value provided. After 4 years of operation and an investment of US $ 835,000 from Gobi Ventures / Mavcap, MAP2 Ventures, Gaiax Ventures and angel investors, Triip is profitable in October 2017.

you must know TRIIPMILES TOKEN

from what I read TriipMiles, the utility token, will empower more local residents to participate in
the running industry. The current economy has only a few centralized players participate in: local business travel owners & employees, OTAs and travelers
and also you should know that Disposing of data centralization, token of TriipMiles will have a comprehensive incentive system that can track evidence of work, quality, and productivity embedded in it.

commencement of change. A tokenomy of a new journey is supported by the Triip protocol

which I know With TriipMiles, you and all elements of the travel economy will be put in circles in which various aspects can be traced and verified by each individual. Quality and transparency will be obvious.
for example, the various groups in the TriipMiles economy will collaborate, process functions and are rewarded with TriipMiles as their work is verified. This is achieved with smart contracts and can not be controlled or affected by an external entity.

you should know The Problem In The Travel Industry

There are a variety of complex problems encountered in the travel industry, such issues as:
  • Inefficient inventory approval process and dispute resolution issues.
  • Inefficient capital incentive process and lots of work and manpower.
  • The customer acquisition cost is very high.
  • Customer acquisition depends on other intermediaries.
  • The cost of cross-border payments is quite high.
  • The process of payment to be done take a signature margin and a long time.

TriipMiles Solution for Travel Industry

There are several solutions provided by TriipMiles for the travel industry issues currently facing. These solutions include:

Aligning Incentives
The TriipMiles P2P travel token will be used by all interested parties such as: Locals, travelers, promoters, reviewers and hotel owners. Reward tokens that can be used for activities within the TriipMiles platform.

Increase Revenue by Lowering Transaction Fees
The transaction fee will be very cheap and will increase more income for you. Foreign transaction fees will not be found on this TriipMiles platform, without conversion currency. Can save money for guests and and hotel owners.

Decentralized and Automatic Without High Cost
TriipMiles has been decentralized and automated with the tourist and accommodation quality and will be published on the original P2P protocol. This will eliminate centralized system intervention.

why you should follow triipmiles?

from what I know has a real product and revenue of over 200 countries in the running industry. Its products, customers and partners are real with solid footage. This is not just a blockchain start-up, you need not hesitate with this.
you should watch the video below for more details about triipmiles, congratulations:

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