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Zixx Coin

you should know how to Zixx COIN?

here I will explain a little about Zixx Coin according to my knowledge
the information I read Zixx is a third generation premium generation cryptocurrency. As a standard, it offers transactions that are secure, instant, and private. Benefits include high rewards, charity projects, maximum low coin supplies, low emission levels and full time teams.

you as the Zixx Community holders get an impressive 80% reward. High demand, and even pre-launch auctions attract a lot of attention.

you live to give, and your ethos is to support the wider community. Certain nodes exclusively generate gifts for charity projects.

other than that from what I read The Zixx coin specs are carefully modeled to avoid volatility and offer the best gifts to investors.

and also a dedicated dev team whose goal is to provide high quality products and experience. We know cryptocurrency can look complicated, but it does not have to be so. With Zixx, anyone can run the masternode.

do not be shy Join the community, download your wallet, get involved, and get results.

you should know Zixx Coin is very easy to use

the team knows cryptocurrency can look complicated, but it does not have to be so. the team provides you with an easy-to-use platform where no coding experience is needed to set up and run the masternode. you have to be careful not to be fooled by its simplicity, as I read the development team has built some very solid technology under the hood.

do you know 'Zixx Web Platform'?

What is ‘Zixx Web Platform’
from what I read, the team of cryptocurrency traders want the team's fingers in each pie. the team buys a number of digital currencies in the hope that the team has purchased the one that made it. in addition There are many of the 1,600 coins registered in Coinmarketcap, and hundreds more are listed on the Webternodenode site. does not even cover the whole. the core of the problem with most of them is that they are largely indistinguishable.

In a mission to stand out from the crowd, here you can know that Zixx released their new roadmap last weekend. Not only that, interesting developments are starting to emerge, including some exchange lists, and many services. One item raises many questions over the last few days. What is 'Zixx Web Platform'?

to my knowledge Zixx Web Platform is a one-stop-shop hub built for crypto fans, focusing on masternoders. One of the planned features is the multi-coin shared masternode service. Do not want to enter fully with one currency? an opportunity for you to use this service to share some of the masternode in some coins. Rather than studying the process of doing so on multiple ecosystems, these are all managed on a single platform.

you should also know this Platform provides a review of the masternode coin. It shows the current rating and provides excellent information for potential investors. When deciding where to invest, this should make it easier.

which I know The main feature of this platform is all transactions using Zixx. This is the first significant step in using Zixx as a currency to pay for services. This development can only be good news for you as an investor.

That's where the team has it. Snooping into the Zixx Web Platform. This ecosystem will launch more features from time to time. This will be a must for crypto traders. You should expect to see the beta version aired in Q3 2018.

when is the day of the launch?

to my knowledge After months of commitment from a solid team, the much anticipated cryptocurrency, Zixx has been launched today. As a standard, it offers secure, instant, and private transactions. Benefits include high rewards, charity projects, maximum low coin supplies, low coin emissions and full time teams. The main difference with Zixx is that it offers a large percentage (80%) of the rewards to the holder of the Method. This strategy aims to avoid the volatility that is often made by other distribution models.

Charity Nodes
I know that Zixx runs a special charity node to raise funds for a good cause. Every member of the community can apply for registered charity to receive funding. Every quarter, masternode holders choose how to allocate charity funds. CEO, Gerry explains, "We live to give, and the ethos is to leave things better than what we find. The goal is to operate self-fund, starting with four nodes. "

important to know from Zixx:
High Heaven Gifts: 80% (10% for miners, 10% for R & D)
Dedicated Charity Nodes: Nodes that generate gifts exclusively for charity.
Maximum Low Coin Supply: 22 million coins
Low Emission Level: ~ 100k per month


Coins per nodes : 1,000 XZX 
Coins per block : 5
Distribution of coins : 80/10/10
Supply maximum coin : 22 million coins
Coin emissions :  ~ 100k per month
Algorithm : Neoscrypt(ASIC Resistant)
Block time : 2 minutes per block
Block reduction : 10% p.a. until 1 XZX per block (~ 16 years)

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