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You must know the challenge of Republia

From what I have said, the project developer has put its technological strength to maturity for this foundation all elements of the ecosystem will be realized with a higher one and efficiency, from existing technology solutions, therefore, the basic principle is from the operation of blockchain technology is observed - decentralized management, justice and pure democracy.

Then did you know that the Republia project's goal is the creation of large-scale decentralization
ecosystem, the content is the elements of the country closest to us and the basic mechanism is blockchain technology, where you as a decision-making user whose consensus is and influences the modernization of all ecosystems directly.

From what I know, the following are the tasks of the Republia including:
  • Your certainty as a user in the management of the intermediate ecosystem components is transparent and democratic management system (its ecosystem);
  • prevention of scam projects;
  • building trustworthy and transparent relationships between users facilitated with sophisticated smart contract systems;
  • except for the possibility of losing or stealing your account as a user of the three levels of security (Veracity System);
  • providing asset exchange services and creating liquidity for Crypto-currency RPB;
  • Coin approval does not include high volatility.
The following is the mission of Republia:
  • the wearer is protected and comfortable at every stage of the operation;
  • the breakdown of global problems;
  • expansion and complementarity of the blockchain ecosystem the way is by ICO Republia Platform;
  • The creation of ecosystems is recognized in the general scope and is ideal for building and maintain the project.

You must know technology about republia

Below I will write about republia technology:
1. Transactions in the network.
Rebublia consists of many blockchains and the scalability problem is broken down by intermediately increasing the number of sidechains dynamically and introducing nodes and master nodes. Master nodes receive requests from ordinary nodes and transaction approval or rejection responses. First, the transaction enters part of the pool and commissions are adjusted by the node. To verify the validity of the transaction and the fact that the address has all the total for making this transaction, the sending node requests to enter the node, the decision maker is based on consensus. this method is not fraudulent on the network. After a positive response from the master node, the node records the transaction to the network.
2. Transaction anonymity.
The Republia gave consideration to the importance of an anonymous transaction, therefore applying this option to the system. Anonymous transactions are part of anonymous master nodes, which they are divided into unequal parts. Therefore, the recipient gets a number of fragmented transactions, so that the sender cannot be seen.
3. System security.
Fraud avoidance, the introduction of the "" mechanism, which means the abolition of a certain amount of RPB. from cases of node fraud, cancellation of frozen funds in their wallets. Avoidance of attacks through the depth of "Checking" tool is introduced, which means freezing at a certain height from the block, then blockchain cannot be recorded again. if spam attacks from users, makers of a large number of transactions, detected, increased commissions with each payment, and in the future, the algorithm will be serious for limiting this user from sending transactions.
4. Isolation of problem applications.
If the network application termination is still operating, freezing for the problematic application and separation of the entire network. This step will give other users the opportunity to feel comfortable every day when using the Republia protocol.
5. Voting does not include hardforks.
Solving the System Republia hard forks problems with automatic protocol updates, occurring after voting among all ecosystem participants. Users without installing full nodes to participate in voting, because the continuity of voting using unique identifiers - RepubliaID. Participation in voting is possible both in the wallet version and in the personal account in a special tab.
The Republia SC Platform is a broad platform for implementing IoT solutions, based on functional programming paradigms and OCaml programming language, which supports formal code verification.

ICO and speculation republia

In case the hard cap is reached before the deadline, at one of the stages, collecting funds will be finished in advance.

The date of the beginning: August 23, 2018
Pre-SALE period soft cap: 500.000$
Pre-SALE period hard cap: 5.000.000$
PUBLIC SALE period soft cap: 5.000.000$*
PUBLIC SALE period hard cap: 50.000.000$

Minimum purchase: 100$

The soft cap of PUBLIC SALE period begins with the amount that was attracted during Pre-SALE.

Cryptocurrency received

Republia Blockchain, 400 million RPB coins provided in its entirety. 65% of the total number of coins allocated to the block of Genesis and will be provided on the network to start operating. that is backed up by Bank Republia is 20% of the Total Supply. This amount of funds will provide users with a functional system, which operates for as long as the time specified. available for miners 260 million coins.

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