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I will explain a little about Token digital TMONEY, virtual currency, designed in the Time Money platform infrastructure as an internal currency. Smart Contract the chain for all transactions results in TMONEY tokens. Because making TMONEY is never from thin air but is always supported by other currencies.

Previously TMONEY Tokens were limited. TMONEY Token division can be in 18 decimal digits. Tokens transfer from one user to another. Pequester meetings give payment for the implementation of the Meeting in the time spent for meetings or meeting assignments. Initial token provider, TokenTMONEY represents 1 minute meeting. Minute meeting price is 0,00074 ETH. meeting requests can request up to 10 TMONEY Token per minute. You need to know This is not a hard and changeable code, when the expert withdrawal platform is highly paid, as a meeting provider. In addition, TMONEY will not experience an excessive surplus. not only by other currencies They are always supported but also by user activity itself. tokenTMONEY there are no mines by companies or other people.

You must know how to work from TMONEY

Here I will write down two types of users
  • Meeting provider Providing your meeting as a user who wants to give him skills for other users. As an example, the bartender had a free night and wish to give bartending skills to the local environment party.
  • Meeting finder Find you as a user who wants to find people according to what he needs now or time planning. For example, a party organizer must have bartender for his party.

The following are TMONEY's vision and mission

What I found out In the late 2000s, when Uber and Telegram slid, the world saw an increase in demand and encrypted services. A lot of confidence is projected that the on-demand economy can change the work system. now more and more are choosing to be Uber's controllers, Airbnb employers, Wag walkers and freelancers. trying to run from a traditional work system and "rat race". But now on demand, the application is very niche oriented, which results in the loss of many people, who are can provide great services to others but do not want to be a dog pedestrian, driver or driver.

Time Money will change that and connect to everyone in the big one platform. Anyone can provide their unique skills and other help and get a reward by spending their time. Money time will be encrypted so that user decisions service their needs and can provide other users. Time Money will be a technical solution, which makes it possible for people to connect securely and receive quality services.

The mission of TMONEY is to help people for time is money, the easy way is to just do what they like and can. Unlike most other Blockchain start-ups, internal TMONEY currency, TMONEY will use it as a real-time calculation tool, which will not lose its relevance

Specify tokens

You can use TMONEY, buy it or hold your token
• You can only use TMONEY tokens on the Time Money platform as a user, therefore the use of TMONEY coins on the platform is constantly
• how to withdraw TMONEY tokens into fiat currency, the cost is around 10%, therefore you as a user can function or profit through saving TMONEY tokens
• use of TMONEY tokens as the purchase of items or additional advertisements on the Time Money platform (2021)

• TMONEY token integration in partner applications and API`s.

Here's how to purchase TMONEY tokens
• Please enter and register first during the sale of the token (ICO)
• then after selling tokens, you can buy TMONEY tokens using a currency or use a currency from the Time Money platform
• Your profit by purchasing more TMONEY, you cannot do it repeatedly due to making orders on the Time Money platform
TMONE tokens can be exchanged with fiat currency and most likely as an exchange for TMONE tokens to fiat currency from the exchange platform. However, preventing users from exchanging large amounts of TMONEY tokens for currencies and supporting their operating costs, adding 10% of the cost, if your decision is to attract fiat currencies. In the coming 2020, the plan is to integrate Time Money credit cards, automated systems for exchanging TMONEY tokens to focus TMONEY currency and use tokens, in case the seller receives it.

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