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AIBB Token

You must know what AIBB is

In my article this time I will discuss a little about what AIBB is and also some of its functions, which I know AiBB provides very many facilities for growth in the cryptocurrency market for data unity including trade, news, security, and the public that can be utilized for education. AIB wants every individual who participates in the cryptocurrency space to use the right tool How to understand the investment in a reliable security system decentralized platform.

AiBB is set up as the first assisted app that Ai will develop to be a fully decentralized platform that provides functions and not to trust third parties application at all. You can trade in all cryptocurrency exchanges that are very liquid and safe, to prevent destabilization that can occur when single exchanges are forced to absorb high-volume transactions.

The following video will clarify you how about AIBB

The following is an explanation of the AIBB application

AIBB is a prediction or analysis with assistant Ai so that it can help you in understanding the crypto market. In this all-in-one application which covers all the tools and features you need for portfolio development and you can become a successful trader, good luck.

1. Assistant Ai
You can ask AiBB to do a task, trade or get any information related to crypto. The assistant will respond to you who can be followed up. Please try prototype to the bottom right!

2. Portfolio & Trade
You can run trades with one simple login on each exchange and you can track your portfolio.

3. Identity Authentication
You will be asked for a KYC verification process to allow you to immediately join all partner exchanges provided for you to trade.

4. Ai Security
Development based on banking best practices that safeguard the security of the assets you have. And the added bonus of Ai is monitoring suspicious behavior.

5. Packed Features
A treasure chest tool for better trading. A voting platform that gives you a voice in the ecosystem.

The following will clarify you more about the AIBB features

The Ai platform is built on NLU, NLP and ML ownership algorithms that work with all Modules.

1. Portfolio Analysis
You get instant insight into how your assets are performing and knowing your net amount. Track what your trades are, and also their fees and taxes.

2. Trade Assistant
You can trade on multiple exchanges in one application. You can use the Ai assistant to set trading parameters and set your exit strategy.

3. ICO review
The right ICO prediction gives you a lot of money. The analytical tool provided can find the number and you can find a list of ICOs that need to be considered.

4. Smart Wallet
locking all your alt coins safely in the smart wallet provided. With features such as Wallet Safe and Coin retreat, for the safety of your coins and cannot be stolen.

5. Ai Chat
The NLU, NLP, and ML chat functions function with all Modules. You just have to ask AiBB for the task to be done and AiBB will execute the command, quite practical and you sit down nicely.

6. Ai Voice
The available Crypto Ai assistant allows you to do natural language commands for your tasks in AiBB. Think of it as OK GOOGLE for Cryto, what are you waiting for to try it?

7. Smart Exchange Contracts
This trade contract is the safest way to trade coins in the digital world. Smart contacts act like escrow for your trades and you don't have to worry about your coins being stored safely.

8. Ai Security
the goal is to limit unknown communication to AiBB. This will be wrapped in the VPN itself and not accessible from the outside world.

9. Ai Pay
Ease of making payments directly from your mobile with crypto coins. There is no need to use the NFC contact payment function, instant access to your assets as cash, it's not good!

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