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7 comforts at HETACHAIN

7 comforts at HETACHAIN

Before going into the discussion on 7 comforts at HETACHAIN I will explain a little about some of HETACHAIN and you should really know about this.

First, we discuss from HetaChain - the trendy third generation Blockchain platform
In this explanation, you should know that HETACHAIN is an improvement with blockchain 3.0 which has high performance and that is built with dubious capabilities with industrial-scale computing that is continuously for you to use decentralized applications and also no need for a deposit, safe from fraud, downtime, which is released by a third party. With the condition of being able to operate in a full commercial manner that has focused on the introduction to the world which is already in the next 4.0 industry revolution therefore HETACHAIN is great for you, good luck 

Heta Protocol - Multichain Platform

This Multichain Protocol Heta-platform functions to communicate through personal and primary chains in the heta blockchain system, and a bridge protocol has been provided that leads to the help of a personal chain to collect your data through the main chain as validation, even though each personal chain is required to pay user fees (via HETACHAIN COIN) which at that time was used, then the personal chain will pay in HETA coins for the purpose of issuing transactions, you need to underline that these costs can be configured depending on usage volume.

Cryptographic Algorithm

This cryptographic algorithm uses ECDSA (Elliptic Motion Digital Signature Algorithm) with a secp256k1 curve as a public-private cryptography. You need to know Private keys are 256-bit random data.

In addition, you need to know the HETA address that relates to this private key is the last 160 bits of the SHA3-256 (Keccak) hash of the public key, I think this is good for your security. Invest in future blockchain technology development HETACHAIN Committed to internet infrastructure development which is already world class for a Web 3.0 revolution that has been raising the 4th industrial revolution, HetaChain's commitment is to invest in the development of future blockchain technologies that facilitate the development of applications that aim to make people's lives better and smarter.

Let's start from 7 to the flagship HETACHAIN

HetaChain has the capacity to process thousands of commercial-scale Dapps transactions in inter-block chain communications

With the capacity that HETACHAIN has, it functions to process multiple transactions and even thousands of Dapps transactions and in communication between blocks

HetaChain runs a safe and efficient consensus protocol using the DPoS and BFT hybrid consensus algorithms. In this way, HetaChain is guaranteed against various cyber attacks and other dangerous threats that have pushed decentralized data storage and sharing systems that are very important in the usual technological space.

The security that has run the consensus and efficient protocol that is used is the DPOS and BFT hybrid consensus algorithm. With the way, HETACHAIN is guaranteed in various cyber attacks as well as dangerous threats and has pushed the storage system also divides decentralized data which is very important in a decent technology space.

-HetaChain flexibility is achieved through the ability to freeze and repair damaged applications with general role-based permissions
The hetachain flexibility that has the ability to freeze and repair unused or damaged application systems that are based on general role permits.

HetaChain's unique technology allows fast transaction approval (TPS) without the risk of downtime. This was built to meet the high throughput needs which is one of the commercial attributes of a new generation network that overcomes the shortcomings of another blockchain.

HETACHAIN has a fast transaction or in its abbreviation (TPS) which without risk of downtime. This development is to meet the needs of high output which is one of the commercial attributes of a new generation network that functions to overcome the shortcomings of another existing blockchain.

5.Global Outreach
The unparalleled uniqueness of HetaChain can be accessed by everyone from all over the world, offering the next generation of transformative technology to the global economy.
From here HETACHAIN is unmatched because it can be accessed by all people around the world, offering transformative technology generations that will then go to the global economy.\

6.Business Optimization
HetaChain develops an ecosystem that acts as a center for portfolio companies to intelligently release their potential through its sophisticated technology output, offering rich expertise and insight for real-time decision making.

HETACHAIN has developed an ecosystem whose actions for a portfolio company center and intelligently release its potential through intelligent and sophisticated technology output, offering rich expertise and insight to take real-time decisions.

The HetaChain Partnership connects founders in all markets with local investors thanks to our strategic partners with business leaders around the world. So this is perfect for investors.

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