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8 ways to use NODVIX

before we discuss how to use the NODVIX feature I will first explain a little about this NODVIX project, as I have read NODVIX is a 24-hour P2P broadcast platform designed to display interesting video content and specifically relevant for unlimited interests like you. NODVIX is a set, open to all, real-time, video content platform designed to reduce the restrictions found in the $ 1.7 trillion broadcast market today.

NODVIX has provided a solution for you which is powered by a decentralized blockchain that greatly changes the world of digital broadcasting for your content creators, advertisers and viewers. The absence of KYC, government censorship and ease of entry for new content makers creates a unique environment for true freedom of speech. Advertisers benefit from sponsoring content that is relevant to their business while paying a small portion of what the market demands because traditional networks charge an average of $ 394,000 per 30 seconds of media.

NODVIX is an ecosystem for media content distribution among all of the
participants, based on Peer-to-Peer Internet Network (P2P) technology. Because of this,
NODVIX can reduce platform scaling costs and provide significant benefits over traditional centralized broadcast sources and media hosting, as highlighted in this document.

NODVIX is media content that organizes its own, peer-to-peer, decentralized and anonymous platform with open source continuous online broadcasting, using crypto own currency as payment for services. The concept of the project is to provide continuous broadcasting of various unique media content: from music to popular science shows, without censorship or bias, where everyone can be part of the broadcast.

Media content is stored in a decentralized Torrent-Node network to be fixed for a period of time and sorted through predefined ratings.

now we go back to the main discussion that is how to use it I will explain one by one:

1. You create or upload content to NODVIX platform. The content you make can be a music video, news, film, or whatever image frequency!
This will make you comfortable with the freedom to create and develop your talents and according to the abilities you have

2. You upload banner ads and media to the NODVIX platform. These advertisements are reviewed, rated and authorized by Torrent-Nodes.
if you want to improve your career with your content work don't worry because there is a guaranteed rating for you from NODVIX that will correct your results

3. A torrent file (hash file) is created and uploaded to Torrent-Nodes. That file too contains a unique encrypted wallet address where profits will be sent.
for the results of your work, a wallet has been provided, in which the profits from your work will be sent through your wallet by uploading it first so you don't have to worry about the results of your work.

4. Torrent-Nodes choose to categorize content and review content. If the content is illegal, then Torrent-Nodes will permanently block files.
the content that you create will be corrected properly by the review method done by NODVIX so you have to keep your content from illegal content if the thing is still done then NODVIX will not hesitate to permanently block your file

5. Ads placed into content by Torrent-Nodes. Ads will appear in the periodic intrusive way when it is relevant to the medium media category seen.
if your content or work has been well-made, NODVIX will periodically display advertisements when the media content that you create is seen by visitors who have seen your work done for professional content creators to try and work on this NODVIX.

6. The finished content is then broadcast to NODVIX platform network.
you as a content creator who has struggled with essays or works that have been completed properly and correctly according to the rules automatically your content will be broadcast to the NODVIX platform network

7. Content is placed in one of many special channels based on Torrent-Nodes categorization.
of the many contents that you have created on this NODVIX, a dedicated place has been provided so that your content is safely stored properly as you wish

8. You can watch content 24 hours through the platform based on interest and preference.
besides you create quality content for your work, you can also watch the content for 24 hours according to your interests and your preferences so you can spend your time at any time without reasonable restrictions do not have time.

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