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4 technologies from Smart Contract Chain and 4 Things to be aware from SCC

"Welcome to my article, this time I will discuss about smartcontractchain about 4 things that must be considered from SCC and 4 smartcontractchain technologies but before entering in this discussion please first consider a little about the explanation of the introduction of the following smartcontractchain"

You don't need to worry about this SCC platform that has been provided very clearly and also safely, which is an investment developer and the campaign inside it is also reliable. The practice used has been done with the best who is in a crowdfunding room by the SCC team and also needs to know that this is transparent and clearly the process is supported by the blockchain. For those of you who are on any project, this already has the visibility that you need in terms of security in each project that you have.

I will give a few examples so that you can better understand that what will be launched and given in the campaign is that a minimum of 70% of tokens by the creator of the project are to those of you who support. Additions to the smart contract are between supporters and creators. For example, if you buy a platform-specific token with BTC or ETH, then the token will be sent as a loan form to the wallet, the release will be done by the maker when the full fund goal has been raised (ILP workflow to SCC) will be closed and smart contract will also be cancelled for supporters of their funds will get less. 

Know that the purpose of designing this SCC platform is to help companies/projects, and from this design, an entrepreneur will use a newborn coin as a tool and a job. This support is in the form of several funding options and an opportunity for the benefits that will be given to investors will be in various ways.
I will demonstrate that those who create content can pour tokens that will help service providers into their start-up process. Which includes content translation, social posting and presenting other investors or the process can be directly measured and marked / shared.

"ok we go into the core discussion"

first I will explain 4 things that must be considered from SCC
1.Geographical Constraints
You need to know to participate in the crowdfunding platform, not all countries are legally permitted in the list of countries that have been registered, maybe this is a burden for creators because they have to find investors from countries that have been registered because the platform has no cross-border investment so this creator must be smart in looking for other than a country that is not permitted.

2.Commissions and Charges
You should know that the rates on this crowdfunding platform are not as cheap as you might think because of the many burdens on the platform even this is a high of 20% of the funds collected for their commission making funds with and lower than the fund makers made their actual goals significant is operational.

3.History of Failed Projects
The number of projects that fail and have not been able to provide proof of refunds in investment, so doubts to invest in projects that are known to be new that already exist in the platform you must be smart to choose as professional investors.

4.Lowered PR Attention
For investors, this should be taken into account because there are not so many budgets and strategies in marketing that crowdfunding uses, which functions to bring an initial message to you as an investor. This is no other for prevention of free investment flow because maybe you do not know the project's greatness or the potential for the right funds for your funds to be included so be careful that it is very necessary.

we proceed to 4 technologies in SCC

I will explain one by one from these 4 technologies, see my explanation below:
1.Aplication layer
You need to know that providing a compatible wallet on this SCC platform is with an existing ethereum exchange and convenience for you to withdraw and purchase tokens. For those of you who already have SCC tokens, you can use any wallet that certainly supports the ethereum ERC20 contract, for holders of flexibility to freely use whatever services you like. Then you need to know that the stock wallet can be supported for purchase transactions from cryptocurrency, for example, BTC, ETH etc. In terms of this interaction can be with the platform from the web including the web, desktop and mobile devices, very good, right ?!

2.Backend service
You need to know that the dosbor and projects on the SCC platform match the construction of modern software. This SCC communication platform is the backend service which uses the microservice architecture. Know this backend function is to be responsible for analyzing the issuers of new tokens after being able to invest from dosbor. For this user, you can also explore the project and filter it from your location or type of project as well as other information that the user has which can be stored in the backend service. Then this SCC platform will create a project and identity verification action. For this development process in the field above the admin side so that the security of supporting funds and the makers of these tokens can be confirmed.

3.Foundation layer: Distributed Ledger Technologies
Do you know who controls the business logic of the token fund is a smart contract in ethereum JSON-RPC blockchain and IPC calls where this is a wallet communication network with ethereum clients. This web3 wrapper that is used Daemon ethereum is hosted on every machine miner or on AWS to interact with the outside world. Then after the project is created with a list of scheduled items already registered in this smart contract, the project maker's responsibility is to comply with the schedule and time. Funds will automatically be transferred to the project maker account based on the time of completion. when the target is not met the supporters do not need to worry because the funds will be returned.

4.P2P trading platform
Next, you must know that this SCC exchange has a high frequency that is offered to professionals and also institutions where they can trade with various tokens that they distribute through the SCC platform. provided by the user to start an account on the exchange are KYC and other identification details. owned by supporters is a book where this book is for orders in digital commerce in the form of pairs of tokens and security. Which is used by this trading machine that is with decentralized exchanges that are useful for storing successful orders and increasing the privacy and orders that have been traced. Road building The SCC trade exchange algorithm is useful for matching two things to an offer and demand which consists of one asset that is traded automatically.

speculation token

Total SCC tokens to be created: 60’158’729 SCC
Available during token sale: 45’119’047 SCC (75%)
Token name: SCC
Fundraising goal: 30’000’000 $
Soft cap goal: 1’000’000 $
Token sale start: 15th of October
Sale end: 30th of December
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC

"so far from my article this time I hope you understand a little about smartcontractchain that I have written above, for further explanation, I provide the link below"