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8 Key Advantages of InnovaMinex

"in this article I will present 8 Key Advantages of InnovaMinex but before entering in this discussion I will first explain a little about what InnovaMinex is and how the project is implemented".

The first thing I will explain is what InnovaMinex is 

You certainly need to know what InnovaMinex is, InnovaMinex is a business whose model uses technology that we already know as blockchain and do you know why InnovaMinex chose the blockchain for its project because it guaranteed to trace a precious metal. Not only that but also with the application of a series called procedures where the objective is to ratify all processes from the origin of the mine to the refinery and to the final consumer. And do you know that this commercialization is done from e-commerce InnovaMinex, not only to e-commerce but also through partner stores and ATMs from InnovaMinex itself.

Did you know that this innovaMinex allows you to verify the origin of the metal that you have obtained and can also convince you that the legal extraction and its surroundings are protected at all times or if this has been protected from the money laundering process because all transactions that you have made are registered and the innovaMinex community has access to your transactions so you don't have to worry about security created by InnovaMinex.

You need to know about the main purpose of InnovaMinex is to make it easier for you and every user to access gold and other precious metals through cryptocurrency brokers, InnovaMinex provides the best price for you and every user or community by way of a process of transparency and transaction systems safe from InnovaMinex.

Following are some of the projects that I know about InnovaMinex

Below I will discuss a little about some projects from InnovaMinex that might make you understand:

- First is a Mining Project
InnovaMinex has already had 7 gold, silver and zinc mines among the precious minerals possessed by other InnovaMinex that have been running. Ecological miners have also come from veins that are done from inside the underground. Of the many mines owned by InnovaMinex, the estimated profit is $ 2M from mines exploited.

-the second is Process-Refining
The process that is carried out by InnovaMinex is planting with a number of refineries that weigh 200kg of gold each day which are processed in a place that is free and 24x7 security. The gold refining process is carried out by the mine itself and also from third parties. What is unique about the process that was carried out by InnovaMinex is its innovative design that was created by casting cryptocurrency in both gold and silver.

-Three is Innovation E-Commerce
You need to know that the gold and silver coins and ingots generated by InnovaMinex are from the main cryptocurrencies where cryptocurrency is used as a payment and discount tool when you make payments with INX in the process of buying or selling precious metals from InnovaMinex. Amazingly the integration of InnovaMinex is already on Amazon, eBay, etc. which is big there.

-the fourth is ATMs
This is what buyers and sellers really need to know, namely the sale or purchase of INX, BTC, ETH, etc. cryptocurrency that is safely protected from the interface and intuitive for you and other users. So what are you waiting for to buy gold and metal from InnovaMinex through e-commerce available at the ATM? :)

ok, we go to the core discussion that I will explain one by one about the 8 Key Advantages of InnovaMinex below:

Do you know why InnovaMinex chose the blockchain because this technology is the best and also the most advanced that can provide a very complete information about a project that was built by InnovaMinex where the blockchain can trace precious metals into the commercialization of InnovaMinex, so it is natural InnovaMinex chose blockchain technology this very sophisticated.

2.Security and integrity
For the sake of convenience for you to make transactions that are carried out automatically very safely and reliably so that without the need for a third party, so you do not need to worry about the safety of this innovoMinex system that is well maintained.

3.Faster speed
If you experience a delay in terms of interbank transactions that require several days to complete, you do not need to worry because INX 24/7 functions to reduce the time of a transaction so that your usually long transaction process is only a few minutes.

4.Low cost
For those of you who are afraid of the cost of transaction fees, you don't need to worry because innovaMinex has eliminated traders with third parties and unwanted additional costs so that you can make transactions at a low cost.

5.Transparency and eternity
From the transaction that you or other users have done it will be published and cannot be changed by anyone and cannot be deleted you can see the INX history that you have issued or entered.

6.Quality traceability
For facilities from InnovaMinex from the blockchain, it is complete and consistent, it is also available to the public, for you as an INX user there is no need to have any confusion about the completeness provided by InnovaMinex.

as like other projects that provide a market for its supporters, InnovaMinex is the best choice for you in terms of security and effectiveness for you to purchase gold or precious metals.

You don't need to worry about innovaMinex ranking level, the cryptocurrency will rank first in the mining industry and precious metals that have been run.

"I think that's all that I know about InnovaMinex, I hope you understand about what I wrote and don't hesitate to join this INX bounty, mining or other program. if you like my work, please follow the next article on my blog and I wish you luck".

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