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9 The main pillars of the Auxledger ecosystem and ICO

"In my article this time I will explain some of the information from the auxiliaries and 9 The main pillars of the Auxledger ecosystem and ICO before we enter the core discussion I will introduce to you first what our Auxladger is like to look at its expansion below"

I will introduce you that this Auxledger enables an organization in the network that they will build that as a whole can adapt to a business need and compliance. Know that Auxledger is a blockchain infrastructure project where the company was first started by Auxesis Group company in 2017. For multi-level networks, it has been placed in a public auxiliary network for integrity assurance in all ecosystems and not only that but also in defence interoperability where other networks use a decentralized protocol by the Auxiliary consensus itself so you bounty hunters and investors are not wrong to try this Auxledger.

Of course, you are curious about how to work at this Auxledger company, which is a very complete blockchain ecosystem that is capable of deploying public/private networks that are lined up at Auxnet, namely the public network of the Auxladger. The use of Auxledger called SDK, AuxChip, which is its ability is the process of deploying DApps on the Auxledger public network and a tiered network.

I will explain in more detail what AuxChips and Auxgas, AuxChips is a fixed supply of non-minable admirative tokens which allows you to be able to follow the consensus and mining process of secondary tokens which is called AuxGas, besides that you can also create or deploy blockchain networks over Auxnet and also the deployment of DApps on Auxnet, then you can also take part in voting which is linked to the overall network management process.
Then AuxGas here is a transactional fuel which empowers a transaction in the ecosystem publicly and involves interoperability as well as interchain routing transactions that are processed through a public network. For AuxGas consumption, it is based on computing power and a storage that functions for certain transaction processes.

We return to the core discussion 9 The main pillars of the Auxledger ecosystem and ICO

1.Microservices Oriented Design Architecture
Strengths In the technology architecture Auxledger is designed with a service called micro principles in mind where the protocol provided is in the form of microservices, which allows the process of making public and private blockchain networks that have been adjusted by publishers and are able to choose between mechanisms consensus, governance, publishing and participation in a network. The trust of the Auxledger protocol is still not available to be designed and will be faster with the widespread adoption of technology in a company in Indonesia. The team has enabled horizontal scalability within the platform to ensure the community is able to build and deploy protocols that are new to its Auxledger ecosystem.
2.AuxViom - LLVM Improved Virtual Machine
A variant of LLVM which is specifically designated as executing smart contracts on the blockchain. For design, definition, and implementation already in mathematical standards, the main goal is to participate in the semantic approach to a smart contract. In particular, the team has defined formal syntax and semantics through Auxvio which uses a framework called K, in return is to provide a team of reference models which can be executed right next to a series of tools called program analysis and also program verification tools. Maybe this is not like Ethereum Virtual Machine which is a stack-based engine, this Auxviom has been proposed to be designed with a base machine for example registers like LLVM. In addition to this Auxviom, the number of registers is not limited to integer support without certain limits.
3.Multi-tiered Blockchain Networks
know that this Auxledger has introduced the concept for you with the design of multi-tier blockchain architecture, which is a network that can be used on a single network and maintains full network consensus, as well as data integrity covering all networks, maintained at any level. This network level allows different chains to remain in-sync to ensure that there is no private information through one chain to another. Auxnet is a network that is publicly derived from the implementation of an Auxledger infrastructure that acts as the correct source for all the networks lined up above.
4.AuxNet - Enterprise Public Network
The initial implementation of the infrastructure of the Auxledger was Auxnet and therefore this Auxnet acts as an implementation of the zeroth tier blockchain and this is an open blockchain network that is built on enterprise-class security, privacy and scalability. Besides this Auxnet was built as a "heart" role in the Auxledger ecosystem where its ability has fulfilled the share listed in network architecture known as multi-tier blockchain. The purpose of Auxnet's design as a public blockchain network includes
-for the DApps development infrastructure which is already strong in interacting with many networks and services
- empower organizations in the deployment of hybrid blockchain networks above from Auxnet
- continued network provision through a power and economic incentives
-as the consensus source for all networks and placed in the ecosystem also regulates it.
5.Hybrid Tendermint POS Consensus
Did you know that the Public Auxnet network has used a hybrid tendon-based consensus protocol, that is, a node that holds Auxchips that participates in a consensus processing where it has been regulated by a mechanism that has been upgraded. The level of consensus is reached in the form of a small group where this has been represented by a masternode. Then what follows this master node is a consensus process among themselves so that they can get a node where they can get a new block proposal. The node to be selected and the proposed block depends on the number of Auxchips that have been held by a particular node. Then the peringakat system has been combined in a network for probability control from the node to the next block proposal process.
6.Self-Regulating Economy Model
There are two token based methodologies used by the Auxledger ecosystem to determine the economy to be better and more effective. The one-time process in administrative tokens in the Auxledger ecosystem and also remains in its supply. In the consensus Auxnet and Auxgas of this mine Auxchips allow you to participate, in Auxnet this is a public / private network and structuring network managers related to voting rights. Apart from that Auxgas on the other hand is an Auxnet fuel, the benefit is to do a simple or chain calculation and storage as well as contact updates etc. What Auxnet has to deploy is a total of 300 million Auxgas that have been created and distributed with Auxchips holders proportionally. Auxgas can be mined by following the Auxnet process. In addition, what was introduced by Auxledger is self-regulating economic algorithms, namely for matching rewards generated by block miners that depend on real network requirements.
7.Hybrid Blockchain Network Capability
The uniqueness of this Auxledger is to manage a network of private and organizational blockchain into a blockchain network publicly, Auxnet can ensure that the new ones are deployed then the network can enjoy with the best capabilities through a private network with a high-performance process and a temporary protection system as proof of mercury that has been sent to the network publicly so that the network is maintained from free data trust that covers the entire Auxledger ecosystem.
8.Privacy Preserving Smart Contracts
You need to know the purpose of the Auxledger ecosystem is to enable a solution to a blockchain company that is the most important is private data. the proposal from the Auxledger team is a framework that has been tested and improved on the usefulness of its ecosystem. Its use is safe and the enigma calculation is called (Smpc or MPC). Calculation of data requests in a distribution does not need to be a trusted third party. Data sharing of various nodes and calculation of functions simultaneously do not need to leak information through other nodes. What is based on this Hawk model is onchain privacy and contractual security. Determination of transactional privacy in the chain is given to the public unless the contractual party itself discloses the information.
9.Interoperability & Cross-chain Assets Swap.
Definition of interoperability in an ecosystem Auxiliary is a method where it is without a trust that is useful for exchanging original assets from various subnets. In a special network, this transaction can also be followed and produce intelligent contract execution and result in changes in data from other countries. This is useful for each blockchain that is connected with a network of functions to exchange assets, contracts, and permits. Then the construction of the bridge to communicate an Auxledger-based network in the public blockchain network, among others, are ethereum, Ripple and Neo.

speculation token 

You need to know about the price in phase 1 that has been set which is equal to $ 0.50, then after the phase 1 process the token price will depend on market dynamics and a response from the sales investors depending on the level of the crowd during the sales process. provided for you is in the form of an ERC20 token where the process will be moved to be used in the Auxnet ecosystem. To get the Auxgas here each Auxchips that have been sent to the Auxgas will receive 3 Auxgas per Auxchips and ensure adequate transactional fuel supply in the network. Auxgas can also be mined by you as the Auxcorts holder with approval in the consensus process. Distribution of Auxchips stage 1 before January 2019 for contributors then selling stage 2 tokens will increase the budget will be announced. The refund will be sent to your address used for the transfer process during the sales process. The transfer process must use the wallet not from the exchange because it will not be able to return your money if that happens.

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