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In my article, this time the first to be explained is what is ALCADO !? So that you can better recognize and know about the project and the explanation

ALCEDO-Coin is one of the most important components in the entire ALCEDO project and is designed as an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token at the beginning of the ICO. Of course, ALCEDO-Coins can also be used as a currency not only for use in the ALCEDO Ecosystem. We will launch ALCEDO-Coin in Q-4 2019.

This token will be moved on the development journey to a separate blockchain, with the same number of coins and existing ALCE ERC20 tokens exchanged at the level of 1: 1.

ALCEDO-Reward System
Our customers can get a function of budget reduction by using our ALCEDO-Ecosystem. To speed up distribution and thus circulation of ALCEDO-Coins, the use of our platform through ALCEDO-Koin is more profitable. However, each customer is free to decide which cryptocurrency he wants to pay.

ALCEDO-Flat Special Spotlight

An important point for us is to provide a number of functions for our customers using the ALCEDO-Platform and ALCEDO-Coins. Every user who has 10,000 ALCE on the ALCEDO Platform (web application or smartphone) does not need to pay any transaction budgets when using our services. However, depending on Coins (except ALCEDO-Coins), certain network budgets still exist, which we cannot return. This waiver applies to ALCEDO services (including all ALCEDO-ATMs).

The following is a feature of ALCEDO CARD which makes you enjoy using it more ALCEDO-Point

At each ALCEDO-Point people can buy, sell, and exchange currencies (BTC, ALCE, EUR, etc.) with the help of professional consultants.

ALCEDO-Coin (ALCE) is an important stage of our ecosystem, because it is a tutorial to handle service budgets and our appreciation events.

Buy, sell, exchange, and send by electronic means to any crypto currency account

Investment Plan
We are expanding our traditional economic affairs from a Gold Savings Package to a Crypto Investment Plan

This allows customers to buy aka sell crypto currencies quickly and easily on ALCEDO cash machines and our POS terminals

Crypto Machine
We support popular Crypto-ATMs and network in Germany

The following is an opportunity for those of you who want to benefit from ALCEDO CARD Enough to help to expand its reach!

-Share and Like on Social Media (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter) to get ALCEDO-Tokens for 30 €. (limited to the first 10,000 participants)

-Increase Community / Share Your Link
If you invite a friend to register an account, you will be rewarded with 10 free ALCEDO-Tokens and new users will get an additional 5 ALCEDO-Tokens

-Big Investor
Buy 20,000 or more ALCEDO-Tokens, you get an additional 3% of your purchase

-Downloading the ALCEDO-Wallet You will get 10 ALCEDO-Tokens

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