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bittrader (TRD COIN)

The first discussion that you must know about ABOUT COIN TRD!

TRD is a decentralized currency below, there are 3 short explanations for you to understand:

Bittrader Hotel
In the future, we hope to have the first hotel in Latvia where TRD will become the means of currency received. This will be called the BITTRADER HOTEL and is known as the first hotel in Latvia where cryptocurrency will be used as a legal means payment.

TRD Taxi
We are making cellular software called TAXI TRD and it will be launched in the near future. With Taxi TRD software, customers can easily pay for their trip using TRD cryptocurrency and FIAT money. The taxi driver will also be paid in FIAT money.

Bittrader Bank Card
The Bittrader bank card is another development that we will launch in the near future. The card will be linked to a Bittrader bank and activated transactions must be completed easily and smoothly.

Branching from Masari, the TRD coin is a safe decentralized currency. Bittrader will become a kind of automated web bank where economic affairs vendors can easily transact. That The CryptoNote platform has been used in various cryptocurrency and this algorithm currently used for TRD coins.

We use Ring Secret Transactions. This allows you to send TRD without fear other people can track your transactions.

Some well-known examples of CryptoNote-based cryptocurrency use the same technology is classified as Bytecoin (BCN), Monero (XMR), Aeon (AEON), Masari (MSR), Superior coins (SUP), Boolberry (BBR), Ultranote (XUN), etc. Apart from being based on CryptoNote technology, TRD uses unique encryption data transfer system that works on blockchain principles.

As the core of the cryptonote coin, we inherit the properties of the protocol and have it similar characteristics to other cryptocurrency using the cyptonote platform. Here are two features of the TRD coin that you can understand one by one:

1. Anonymous Transactions:
To prevent the sender's identification, CryptoNote groups the sender's public key several other keys (more precisely, it groups the sender's output with several other outputs, so it's impossible to know who actually sent the transaction.

2.Signature Ring:
Sipton technology uses signatures to anonymize senders a transaction. If a signature is used, all possible senders are referenced at the transaction is very good the key used when signing.

Following is the description of coin distribution and its speculations, you can know better and take the opportunity to join and benefit from the ICO implemented by TRD COIN:

Ico pre-sale start
Dec 8, 2018 (00:01 AM + 2 GMT Latvia)
Number of coins for pre-sale
1 000 000 TRD
Ico sale end
Feb 28, 2018 (23:59 AM + 2 GMT Latvia)
9 000 000 €
30 000 000 €
5000 TRD TEAM - 15000 TRD BOUNTY
Acceptable currencies
Max supply
3,000,000 TRD
1 020 000 TRD
Cryptonight Fast (Masari)
Unsold coins
After I pre sale unsold coins will be burned
Minimum purchase amount

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