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Before entering the core discussion I will discuss the analysis needed by ecoinomi, please read the following review for more details:

Currently Cryptocurrency is very popular but is friendly to no more than 1% of the population in the world. The reason is not too frivolous because of the lack of awareness of the general public. Only trade, investors and companies at this time use the currency at this time.

It should not be the case with cryptocurrency built / built for PEER 2 PEER who made it for everyone. It is estimated that Cryptocurrency will briefly revolutionize worldly p2p. In the past three years, more than 1500 crypto coins were created, but not a few of them could not be used by ordinary people. Most of these crypto coins are especially used for investment, holding and trading and thus are not easy to implement commoners.

At ECOINOMI, the aim is to promote cryptocurrency awareness by making Crypto software easy to implement and can be used in every ordinary man's daily life.

After you know about the analysis needs above, I will discuss what is ecoinomi and how it works, please read the explanation below:

The absolute goal is to highlight various economic issues and how the e-commerce platform functions to solve them using the blockchain and cryptocurrency to add to the daily lives of each individual. The Ecoinomi ecosystem is only built for one purpose - to serve ordinary people The Ecoinomi Ecosystem will function as a cryptocurrency exchange for a list of company-built tokens while ICO is exchanging immediately to XCOM aka FIAT.

Ecoinomi escrow based applications will function as TRUST media for ordinary people in every transaction they make.

Ecoinomi will strive to become a comprehensive global gaming platform where individuals and full-time gamers can change their time and needs into money using the XCOM Token.

The following is a convenience for you to access the ecoinomi to make it easier to use it with your mobile:

Store your crypto tokens, coins, and digital assets safely and securely on your mobile device, classified as Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. Track the assets that you have saved in other regions - sort of in a hardware wallet or exchange. ECOINOMI Wallet Multicryptocurrency gives you complete imagination about all of your portfolios in one place, with rich analysis to show how you are doing.

Cellular software development is a term that is used to indicate the alias of the process by which cellular software is developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, corporate digital assistants, or cell phones. This application can be pre-installed on mobile phones while manufacturing platforms, aliases are sent as web software using server-side processing in terms of clients to show experience "like an application" in a Web browser.

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To support the initial user of the Ecoinomi token, ICO will start with an important bonus system. Early users will buy tokens at attractive prices and discounts that will not be offered at affiliate alias sales events in the future.

By taking the stage in personal Ecoinomy from the ICO, you will get the best price guarantee and will be considered as an active sponsor and participant in the development and establishment of Ecoinomi. XCOM Tokens are an important component of the ECOINOMI ecosystem. As our utility token, on top of transfers of funds with lower budgets and commissions, this shows some functions for the holder.

When the platform develops, our ECOINOMI community will grow both in size and quality.

Symbol: XCOM

Coin Rate: 1 XCOM = 0.01 $

Type: ERC20

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