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NewCash Exchange

In my post today, the first one I will introduce is what is in this newcash project so that you can understand better and be clear with the description below:

New Cash is a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency exchange based in Brazil, in the São Paulo-SP metropolitan area. New Cash has spread its platform code from scratch, which avoids the dependence of any third party on Exchange operations. Our technology meets modern and innovative market needs and dreams.

In terms of management, security and transparency, our team works continuously and routinely pays attention to all the details of platform development and maintenance. The New Cash platform was inaugurated in June 2018 and experienced an update in September of the same year with the aim of internationalizing the Exchange and expanding services offered in several directions. New Cash introduces today one of the largest cryptocurrency portfolios in Latin America.

The New Global Economy will be Revealed with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency NEWC (New Cash Token) is a utility token that uses Ethereum technology to offer a global community a way into crypto-economic related functions on the New Cash Exchange platform ( NEWC is an ERC-20 Token created on the Ethereum platform and compatible with any wallet that supports this technology worldwide. Incentives, promotions, discounts, currency listings on Exchange and not a few more will be promoted past the New Cash Token utility.

After you listen to the explanation above, I explain the following one by one from the newcash exchange project

Education and Awareness
When newcash exchange reaches 50% of pre-sales, various tokens sold will be used to grow education about blockchain and cryptocurrency. The goal is to collaborate with other market players to spread the curriculum and the teaching methodology that will be used in certification professionals for this field of activity.

ATM Cryptocurrency
When newcash exchange reaches 80% of phase 1, various tokens sold will be used to build Bitcoin and ATM networks Other cryptocurrency is implemented at the policy of PT New Money Exchange at strategic locations in Brazil.

List NEWC in other exchanges
The team behind the NEWC Token confirms the commitment to work to list Tokens on another Exchange, at to introduce greater scope for projects in terms of liquidity, market, accessibility and to improve potential assessment. The aim is for the NEWC to have a wider reach regional boundaries and have a positive impact on the global market in various ways.

The Newcash exchange has developed the reference system that was carefully built for you to be involved in it and this is an advantage for you to join and gain an advantage and this is to respect the community of NEWC lovers.

The rules are simple:
By sending referral links to other people, NEWC Token lovers will get the commissions paid by NEW CASH for each purchase made by their referrals, in the percentage that can reach 15% of the quality of purchases, depending on the amount of NEWC they have in their portfolio, according to below ->

Profits with references can reach 45%! Prizes will be calculated and credited to your dollar account. This amount can be redeemed in Bitcoin (minimum value of $ 100 per service) aka NEWC (there is no minimum quality for withdrawal).

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