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Explanation of Saturn!

Know that Saturn - a liquidity provider for the crypto market. Exchange & OTC Trading Platform. Saturn is a symbiosis of the convenience & security of exclusive atomic exchanges from crypto-assets and the reliability of third-party guarantor.

The goal is the creation of a new, liquid and safe over-the-counter market. Saturn launches the Exchange Trading Platform and OTC for Cryptocurrency based on the swap crosschain protocol. a plan by the Saturn team to provide a service called P2P exchange useful for traders, investors, companies and brokers.

The problem I know from the crypto market!

The growth of the rapid capitalization of the young crypto market to more quality 800 billion USD was replaced by a tendency towards a long fall to quality below 200 billion USD. The total budget for crypto assets decreased by 75%. Some assets have lost up to 90% of them
values, as well as various, are excluded from the exchange list.

During the fall of the market, investors lost approximately 600 billion USD from their crypto assets. In long stay in the crypto market at the lower stage, the price of various assets continues update minimum. The owner of the asset is gradually losing confidence in market performance to grow and start getting rid of depreciated coins and tokens, which aggravate the market situation. The lack of secondary requests for crypto assets forces the team from the blockchain startup, which is considered full of mainstay until now, to turn off any work on their products. lack of support for asset liquidity by traders, project founders and exchanges,
these markets are destined to become extinct.

Saturn benefits for you!

1. 25% Direct sales of 250 000 000 XSAT
1XSAT = 0.075 $
up to 20 crypto assets are available for payment. Not allocated in the Private sales token will be offered to be marketed in the Pre-sales section and at Pre-sale prices.

2. 25% pre-sale of 250 000 000 XSAT
1 XSAT = 0.1 $
up to 100 crypto assets are available for payment. Not allocated in the Pre-sales token will be offered to be marketed in the General sales department and at the Public sales price.

3. 25% of public sales are 250 000 000 XSAT
1 XSAT = 0.125 $
more than 300 crypto assets are available for payment. Watch community voting. A full list will be published before Public sales begin.

With the sale above you can get the bonus that has been set while selling, to invest in Saturn please follow the steps on this site .

for other information please visit the link below!

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