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In this post I will discuss one by one about Thor's network, before going deeper I will explain first of the Six Standards for Future Trading Platforms from this network:

I know it from the user's perspective, the ideal trading platform must have the following six characteristics to support the market of a hundred trillion dollars in digital assets:

1. Justice - all transactions are strictly based on time priorities and price priorities nothing can reduce prices, manipulate orders and issue fake assets;
2. Security - no need for users to worry that third party companies or individuals will do it
steal his assets;
3. Fast - millisecond response to market demand and trade demand;
4. Depth - routine there is a fair amount of partners to request user transactions in it limited period;
5. Rich functions - support market orders, limit orders, non-standard assets and derivatives, and provide full purpose APIs;
6. Reasonable costs - the transaction budget is very low for the user but reasonable profitable for platform managers to maintain the development of a sustainable platform on long-term.

The Thor Network team has explored most of the absolute current trading solutions on the Internet market. After evaluating the basic pattern of's centralized exchange too
0x / Loopring and Bitshares decentralized partners, and compared it to Thor The network that we imagined, we came to a conclusion summarized in the following photo:
It is clear that the current trading platform shares not a few shortcomings, and they are far away from ideal conditions. Thor Network is committed to developing decentralized trading solutions which greatly adds to the performance of the existing DEX and elevates disturbing changes to digital asset trading industry.

For those of you who are worried about Risk, you don't need to worry because there is a solution here and Security Prevention

Security is one of the absolute concerns of the Thor Network team. The team will work with
the most professional security agents to increase the level of security and use the strength of the community to find and fix problems in time. Thor's design Network infrastructure and economic mechanisms take into account, not a few security risks. That following one-by-one analysis only covers general threats.

Here are six conveniences for those of you who will take part in the network network project. You can enjoy the features provided by the thot network:

1. wallets
Connect to the Thor Network to get started
transit of decentralization
Distribution of benefits through collaboration

2. General Block Chain
High performance & low collision
Exchange over TSC
Cross-chain settlement passes ASN
Full transparency and all traceability

3. Thor Network
System development, enhancement and
Community leaders at the beginning
Optimization project

4. Global Users
Secure transactions & personal payments in the wallet
Enjoy the ecological benefits of holding ENT
Participate in community governance

5. Knot Alliance
Market data & matching orders
Distribution of benefits with mutual agreement and coverage
Thor Network

6. Block Chain Project
Register for free at Thor Network
Share market depth

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