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Welcome to the future of the BLOCKCHAIN-BASED BANKING

PointPay is creating a fundamentally new product that combines three providers in a single closed-loop ecosystem:
PointPay Crypto Bank, PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and PointPay Multi-currency Wallet. We work so that our potential clients might be clients of the World Wide Web dwelling wherever within the world.
The cost software will probably be the PXP utility token of the ERC-20 standard, created via PointPay founded mostly at the Ethereum.
platform because probably one of the foremost efficient middle for constructing blockchain systems. Firstly, this answer will combine the three abovementioned providers in a single ecosystem, and, secondly, make the PXP token a useful asset that may probably be in call for in the
cryptocurrency market.
A description of our merchandise – the effects of the joint artistic work of pro programmers and all of the other members of our workforce who work complete time.

Disadvantages of Trading Crypto Ecosystem, or
Money Must Work
Today, an overwhelming quantity of crypto exchanges offer merchants with entry in simple terms to fee and quantity charts for a specific token or coin. Users habits their very own technical research founded mostly at the information offered at the exchange, make a decision and region an perfect order. The stream of money ceases once the gadget detects a request that satisfies the conditions of the trader’s software for the acquire or sale of cryptofunds. From this moment, the user turns from a dealer right into a holder. No money stream anymore. No day with the aid of way of day revenue from cryptocurrency property holding.

Statistics exhibits that extra than half of merchants use an tremendous dicy technique of storing money – the so-called "hot". The cryptocurrency property are held immediately on crypto exchange. Due to technological vacuum, the money are kept as a “dead weight”, no longer generating any sales and breaking the golden rule of a success people: “Money ought to work”.
Significant inflation processes carry vast losses to cryptocurrency holders who shop the property they have on crypto exchanges. Basing at the quantity of cash generated per day with the aid of way of miners in February 2019, PointPay specialists calculated annually inflation charges for the fundamental mineable cryptos. They are as follows.

Disadvantages of Existing Crypto Banks.
Cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem is swiftly gaining popularity amongst customers throughout the world. While there are many separate structures at the market permitting buying, trading, promoting and managing cryptocurrencies, there is definitely a void in phrases of getting a platform with “All-in-one” approach. As viewed from the comparative research table below, the fundamental market avid gamers are closely concentrated on providing a restricted array of providers and there's a yes lack of a ordinary “all inclusive” platform. PointPay Crypto Bank (“PPCB”) could be a aspect of the “All-in-one” utility token-based blockchain ecosystem, supply cryptobanking providers one could discover with out difficulty on hand in fiat currencies.

We are constructing PPCB to breach the hole between the benefit of cryptocurrencies and function of a traditional bank. PPCB could be filling this underserved area of interest with the aid of means of providing daily customers a complete spectrum of banking services. The goal is to construct a convenient, intuitive on-line banking platform, so even a non-technical person can advantage from all of the services PPCB has to supply with out the complications, recently related with the blockchain technology.

PointPay Crypto Bank
A new direction within the crypto market: manage, keep and develop your capital with PointPay. We are constructing a distinctive all-in-one answer for the world market.
-Low fees
-Fast transfers worldwide
-No foreign money restrictions
-Virtual, debit and credit, fiat and cryptocurrency cards
-Cryptocurrency lending
-Crypto acquiring
-Online cellular banking
-Crypto Forex Trading
-Crypto deposits and credits

PointPay Crypto Exchange platform
Buy, promote and substitute cryptocurrency with confidence. Convenient interface and useful tutorials make buying and selling simple regardless of even if you're a beginner or a pro.
-Fiat pay-ins and pay-outs
-Tokenized property buying and selling (stocks, indices, commodities)
-Daily crypto again to PXP holders
-Four-level referral gadget and referral exchange
-Leveraged buying and selling (1:10)
-24/7 support

PointPay Multi-currency Wallet
Now you'll be able to ship and get hold of crypto and fiat forex to different members of PointPay platform. Enjoy secure, quick transactions with our lowest fees!
-Multicurrency crypto and fiat accounts
-Security and anonymity
-Virtual crypto portfolio
-Instant exchange
-Cryptocurrency payments
-Instant deposits/withdrawals in EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF
-SPV architecture
-Payment Code ID
-Easy to use

Token economics
PointPay Token could be launched founded mostly at the Ethereum platform and absolutely observe the ERC20 standard. This will guarantee safety of the transactions, compatibility with the third-party companies and can offer seamless and simple integration.
Soft cap: $1,000,000
Hard cap: $30,000,000
Symbol: PXP (PointPay token)
Total supply: 500,000,000
Unsold tokens: to be destroyed
Retail price: 1 PXP = $0.10

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