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CARTESI is A Linux infrastructure for scalable decentralized applications which has completed its generality of objectives for developers and their consensus has efficiently reached on-chain.
Below are the advantages of CARTESI
  • Real OS and computationally intensive
    In the project run by CARTESI there is an offer for a Linux runtime environment for the DApps blockchain. To maintain a strong security guarantee the computing blockchain is run from the outside so that users do not need to be concerned about CARTESI's security system.
  • Consensus guarantee
    In the application all parties can verify computing. For disputes, you don't need to worry because the one who deals directly is CARTESI. Need a calculation that results in neglect on the blockchain, this is a calculated size other than external.
  • Development and portability made easy
    Funsi CARTESI. Which is used by you to make DApps is a software component which is already well-known and has support from Linux. CARTESI is free from the complexity of limited domain-specific blockchain environments. You as a Mainstream can fully express yourself to develop applications with a lot of software that you are familiar with. Throughout the most relevant blockchain CARTESI will be portable and you don't have to worry about the long-term nature of a particular project.
what are the internet supported by Cartesi and decentralized?
The following are some of the features supported by Cartesi
  • Make a discovery
    Outsourcing allows many users to provide their ideal computing power loans. The advantage here is a scientific researcher, 3d rendering, video transcoding, and several other computer intensive tasks performed in a way that is not trusted except with a reputation system.
logistics and optimization
  • Decentralized Data Science
    The decentralized data market was opened by Cartesia with its calculations and was verified. If they are proven to be computationally correct then they can do outsourcing business to optimize their work to experts whose work will be compensated.
  • Advanced finance
    From various blockchain and external sources the cartesi application can read and calculate complex data-related. What can be helped is interoperability between the blockchain and the futures and insurance markets.
  • Efficient AI, by AI.
    AI and computing tasks that cannot be trusted by the market. You can create a new DApps service that functions to outsource and distribute a job. New opportunities for AI and lower costs, which are developing are experts and outsourcing bots.
playing games
  • master your game
    For the game cartesi will issue a broad new thing. What you can use is a tool, which can be compiled with LINUX OS. Without compromising the decentralization of the game status process, it is free from blockchain computational restrictions.
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